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A compact and simple Windows application that lets you look up words in a Norwegian-English dictionary. Key features Unobtrusive running mode Designed to store as little space as possible on the desktop. Modern, user-friendly interface Adheres to Windows’ standards, so it can be viewed on screen. Search, print, and copy information Allows you to look up a word from the dictionary, copy information to the clipboard, and print. Alternate translations of a word Allows you to view a text with multiple meanings in a drop-down list. Type the word or paste it from other third-party utilities. Change the size of the text. Spell check Allows you to check the spelling of the word entered in the primary panel. The option to activate/deactivate the floating panel. Automatic checking the definition Allows you to access the tool while the Windows Update runs in the background. Read MorePi Ring The Pi Ring (or Pi Wars) is a planned but yet to be built rail loop in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada that would link the existing Coquitlam Central business district through all-new portions of East Coquitlam, leading to a widening of Dunsmuir Street for eventual transportation to the Coquitlam Central Station. History The Pi Ring was proposed by the City of Coquitlam in 2010 as a means of improving the connectivity of the Coquitlam Central business district. The council endorsed the concept for the city's growth plan in 2011. The proposed loop would have passed through Coquitlam Center, Indian Street, Laird Street, Belkin Street, Barker Avenue, and the East Mall at Douglas Street. The total cost of the Pi Ring is estimated at $470.2 million and $70.2 million would be spent in 2005 alone. The project would have been expected to take from 2012 to 2016 to complete. On May 12, 2013, the City of Coquitlam announced that it will no longer proceed with the proposed Pi Ring as a project due to financial reasons. During 2015, the Coquitlam City Council expressed interest in building the proposed Pi Ring, and engineering consultant was hired to study the feasibility of building the Pi Ring instead of pursuing a light rail system. See also Duncan Loop References Category:Transport in CoquitlamFalling costs mean pizza chains can hire more drivers a5204a7ec7

FORZA 7 is the ultimate car racing experience, and it brings with it the ability for players to take their cars anywhere – starting in prestigious national and international circuits, and leading them to some of the hottest tracks and events in the world, including the legendary Nürburgring 24-hours, Top Gear Rally, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Burnout Bowl, and many more. WARLIQUEOUS Warlicous is an exciting, free multiplayer game where your aim is to become the most legendary warlord in the land. GIBBERISH Gibberish is a fun, tense, and musical puzzle game where letters fall from the sky. KONG GAMES Kong is a free online, social game service, where gamers around the world play for free in a variety of exciting multiplayer modes, including a classic Firefight mode for up to eight players, but also for up to ten simultaneous players. LOCK OF THE CENTURY The LOCK OF THE CENTURY is a free-to-play rpg with a dark fantasy setting. BATTLEFORCE Battleforce: Saving Private Vulcan takes you to one of the most critical missions of the Vietnam War and thrusts you into the middle of a battle between North Vietnam and a U.S. Marine unit. VR-RULES VR-RULES is a thrill ride like no other, where you take part in extreme sports action that players from all over the world share. VR-RULES gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in adrenaline-pumping activities. IFI2 IFI2 is a free and exciting multiplayer racing game for Windows. VARCAM VARCAM is a fun and playful driving game set on the stunning scenery and endless fun of an alternative universe. STORBIT.CO STORBIT.CO is a commercial platform where users can rent out their unused space in the cloud, all for FREE. Rocket.Chat Bring your next meeting, discussion or community chat with your friends and colleagues to a space where everyone is connected. It’s different from the crowd. Roblox Explore and play in a world full of adventure and role-playing. Caminho Para o Todo A long, long time ago, before anyone had even heard of Google Maps, a man was walking down a road in Brazil and suddenly felt an overwhelming


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